Upgraded from Standard Version to Deluxe Mac

holden190 Member
I upgraded from the starter version to the deluxe version and my account still shows as starter. How to fix??


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    How did you do that upgrade? Where is it showing you are on Starter Edition: on the About Quicken page in the application or on the Quicken.com website, or both. In Quicken, you could try to Sign Out (on the Quicken menu) and then Sign In; it there wa sa mis-match between your account and your application, this would fix it. But if your Quicken.com account still shows Starter Edition, you may need to wait until after the holiday to reach Quicken Support. (Chat Support will re-open Sunday; phone support on Monday.)

    We're all just fellow Quicken users on this forum, so we don't have access to any tools to help with subscription issues.
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