Schwab transaction down load interactions between accounts with same last 3 digits

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Before the Schwab connection changeover to web connect in Nov, I never had a problem with our 5 Schwab accounts downloading to their counterparts in our Quicken Deluxe data file.
I have had and solved various problems since then, but can only get 4 of the 5 accounts to download without problems only if the 5th account is deactivated.
Activating the 5th account (which has the same last 3 digits in its account number as one of the 4 other activated accounts) causes interaction between the 2 accounts with the same last 3 digits. This suggests to me that at least some parts of the Quicken code are making decisions based solely on the last 3 account number digits versus on the full account number.
I would really appreciate any help in solving this problem.
I am currently on Version 37.52(build


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    I made an error in creating this subject. I meant for it to read"Schwab transaction download interactions between account numbers containing the same last 3 digits"
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    EDIT (note that Quicken doesn't get to decide whether to send the whole account number or not).

    This is entirely possible if the financial institution is providing the account number with all, but the last 3 digits masked out.  They mask the account number as a security measure, but in doing so limit Quicken's ability to tell accounts apart.

    For instance, Citi Cards does this:

    The only "easy" solution I can think of is to get Schwab to change your account number(s).
    Quicken has a very limited amount things it can look at to separate accounts out.
    The routing number is going to be the same for all of your accounts, and so is your username.  That really only leaves the account number.
    This is my website:
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    Thanks Chris for your thoughts. I must say I don't remember if Schwab masked account numbers or not with the previous connection method but I never had this problem until the change to web connect. I'll try to see whether Schwab has any suggestions to solve the problem.
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