Scheduled Bills and Deposits setting not persisting

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This issue is now occurring again - could not post to the original thread since it's been closed.  Why do threads need to be closed?  Makes it very difficult to post if the problem is not really resolved.  Can Quicken support please resolve this issue?


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    Hi @Regina@ .  There are several reasons why post threads get closed.  Sometimes it is because there has been no activity for a long period of time.  Sometimes is because it has become to lengthy and when that happens people lose sight of the subject of the original thread so it makes the thread rather unmanageable in searches.  Sometimes it is because the thread becomes argumentative.  Sometimes it is because the person who made the original post confirmed that the question was answered or the issue was resolved. Regardless of the cause, when a thread is closed it tends to remain closed.
    When a thread has been closed that should be referred back to it is a simple matter of copying the URL of that closed thread and pasting it in the new thread.  That is what I suggest you do so we can know what it is that you are talking about.  That or provide more details here because your post provides insufficient information.

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    Thanks.  Here is the link to the original thread:  Scheduled Bills and Deposits setting not persisting

    I do not want to copy the file again as this caused several other issues the last time.  I would prefer that the issue gets resolved once and for all by Quicken support.
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