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In a Banking Register you can manually Reconcile\Clear\Unclear Transaction entries.  I manually Reconciled a Transaction in an Investment Register...and now I cannot UNCLEAR it.  Left or right clicking on the CLR field of the options open to Clear\Unclear.  Is there a way to change this Investment Transaction from Reconciled to Clear...? 


  • garysmith87
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    Delete it and re-enter it.  Then mark it "c"leared. 

    BTW, reconciling a transaction assumes that the transaction has cleared your financial institution.  If you truly reconciled the account to a bank statement where that transaction is included, I see no advantage in changing a transaction from reconciled back to cleared. 
  • denmarfl
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    The Transaction happens to be a Transfer from a checking to the Investment if I Delete it will also delete the corrsesponding entry in Checking and alter the ending Balances in both accts.  Maybe the re-entry and doing it again as a Transfer between accts....will add the amt back to both the checking and Investment accts.  Not sure I would go thru all of that; was hoping for an easy way to make the change.  It really gets involved with a Split Transfer from checking to Investment accts...and maybe it is best to leave as is.  Thanks 
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