Update to version R37.62 enabled Simple Investing - bad idea

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After I installed the latest update today for Quicken for Windows - I found that "Simple Investing" had been enabled. This is a bad feature to enable without notifying the users. Quicken changes the appearance of the investment accounts, and starts making adjustment transactions, without notifying you, to make your share amounts match what your investment company says they should be. Any details about the reason for the adjustment are lost. Once Simple Investing is enabled, you can no longer track the details of gains or losses. I want to maintain all of these details, I don't want Quicken dumbed down for me. Please don't enable something like this again without notice.


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    It is something they are doing on purpose; it seems to be a bug that has popped up for some people for the last few releases.  For instance, it hasn't ever happened to me, but has been reported in the forum several times.
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