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I use Quicken for Windows.
I have a single Roth IRA investing account going back to 1999. This includes thousands of transactions from 3 brokerages (not used any more) and Janus, TDA and Vanguard. I typically download the TDA transactions and manually enter the Janus and Vanguard ones. This register is now getting too big for manual entry and I would like to set up separate TDA Roth and Vanguard Roth accounts and a general Roth with the smaller Janus and other old transactions.
What is the best way of doing this without losing my old data?
I thought of setting up a separate Vanguard Roth and downloading those transactions. But then the same transactions would already be in existence in my current Roth IRA account. And if I delete the current Roth IRA account to set up a new TDA Roth account, I would lose all the other non TDA/Vanguard transactions.
Thanks for your help.


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    You might look into archiving the closed lots to see if that removes enough of the transactions out of that main account (they are moved to another account, not lost).

    Another approach would be to use Move Transactions to another account, maybe sorting on the security so that the transactions you need for say Vangard are together.  You probably will have clean up like transferring cash amounts around.  And if you do decide to activate an account for downloading you will have to deal with removing duplicate transactions, the Edit Transactions can help with that. 
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    Hi @kashg,

    So you've got some work to do.

    There are probably a number of ways to accomplish your goals, but the way I would approach this would be as follows:

    1) Setup two new investment accounts in Quicken - one for TDA and another for Vanguard;
    2) Open up the register for the current "single Roth IRA investing account";
    3) Click on the "gear" icon in the upper right and select "Move Transactions;
    4) In the "Move Investment Transactions" pop-up window - adjust the column widths to make sure that the "Security" column is fully visible, because this is the column you'll be focusing on;
    5) At the bottom of the screen - make sure the "Select all transactions for the same security as a group" box is checked.  And also for the "Move to Account" setting - make sure the new account that you setup in step 1) above is selected.
    6) Start with "Vanguard" and click on all the Vanguard security names (which should be obvious because of the Vanguard names).  You will find that by clicking on one transaction for a Vanguard fund name, all other transactions with that same fund name will be automatically selected.
    7) Once you've got all of the Vanguard transactions selected > Click "Done"
    8) Next - repeat steps 2) through 7) for transactions to be moved to the new TDA Roth account.

    Once you've done the above - it should leave you with an account (i.e. the existing combined "Roth IRA" account that should contain all the "Janus" transactions as well as the "old transactions" from the old brokerage accounts that are no longer active.

    I hope I've covered the above fully, but just in case I haven't, or in case you aren't happy with what you've done or if you make any mistakes along the way... BEFORE YOU TAKE THE ABOVE STEPS make sure that you have a good backup file to revert to.

    Let me know if you have any followups and please let me know how this goes.


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