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Over the last week or so I have found that the one step update process has become extremely slow. I have gigabit internet service and all other access has been consistent over this same period. Has anyone else experienced a slow down and is there a setting or fix I can apply at my end?


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    If you you haven't already, you may want to review: Resolved 12/28/21: Slowness or errors when performing a One Step Update
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    Thank you for pointing out this link. I had missed it. However, at least for me, the issue has not been resolved. I just did a one step update.
    1. my screen first went black for about 20 seconds, then
    2. returned to the previous screen for another 20 seconds before displaying the account selection screen. I have 15 accounts to be updated
    3. after selecting all accounts and executing the update, after another 20 seconds 3 accounts were shown as completed, all other accounts still showing “waiting”;
    4. after about 90 seconds I received a 2 stage login request for a 4th account to which I responded
    5. the update activity screen reappeared still showing “waiting” for the 12 accounts not noted as completed
    6. after another 90 seconds the activity screen disappeared, still showing “waiting” for all but the 3 accounts.
    7. After over 5 minutes the update results screen did nit appear
    8. After constructing this response up to this point, I used the menu Tools|Update Summary to see if I merely missed the display of the results screen. After about 15 seconds the hour glass disappeared but no summary screen was displayed. A second attempt resulted in no response. I attempted to display the summary again about an hour later. The hour glass appeared again for about 15 seconds and then disappeared but no summary was displayed. I closed and then opened Quicken (which took over 60 seconds to load) then again attempted to display the summary. I received no response this time.

    I will now post this long winded saga and attempt to reboot my computer, restart Quicken anmd try to display the update summary. I will post a note if successful but not seeing a new post you can assume I am still having update problems. If anyone else is monitoring this thread, including anyone from Quicken, and has a suggestion I would be grateful.
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    If you would like assistance from Quicken, I suggest you contact Quicken Support:

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