Report filter doesn't show Split details

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Searching for Category "Charitable"
Payee shows “Chase (credit card)”, Memo only shows the main memo.
The Amount is the total credit card payment, not the Category amount.

You have to drill down into the Category Split, look for the appropriate Category to see who (in the split memo) and the amount. There could be multiple entries in the Category you're looking for, so you have to manually look for all the lines that have the Category you're looking for.

I want a list of every entry for that Category, including the payee that I entered in the Memo for that split line and the amount for each line.

Is there any way to get that?


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    I am not sure exactly what you are doing, but have you tried the Reports > Spending > Itemized Categories report?

    If you open the report, click on the gear at the top right to customize it and select just the Charity category, you will see all the splits and unsplit transactions that use the Charity category along with their memo fields.

    BTW if you are entering your credit card payment as a complicated split transaction, please post back and we will suggest a better way to do it.
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  • KingGeorgeN
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    Thanks, Itemized Categories does what I was looking for.
    Yes, I enter credit cards manually. I understand 'there's a better way'. I tried setting up one of my credit cards as an account and downloading the transactions. BUT, it downloaded ALL the transactions, not just the ones on my statement. So that total doesn't match my payment to the credit card company. There is more in the download than what I paid. That seems confusing. I removed that account and went back to manual entry.
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    Whether downloaded or manual, each credit card should have its own corresponding account in Quicken. Spending transactions are then individually categorized in the credit card account. Each month, after reconciling the credit card account, payment is represented as a transfer in Quicken.
    Your initial download got historical transactions. If you just mark the ones Reconciled that predate your current statement, you could go forward from there.
    But whatever you do, don't continue paying the credit card using one big split in Quicken. As you've learned, it doesn't work out well.
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    By All the transactions, do you mean ones from earlier months? I would think that you could simply delete the old transactions, because you have already accounted for them with the split payment transactions in previous months.

    I can see that it might be more complicated if you do not pay the bill in full each month, and leave some transactions unpaid. Hopefully you marked up your statements or recorded somewhere which transactions have been paid and which not.

    In any event, the normal way to handle credit cards is to set up a separate account for each card and download the transactions, categorizing them as you go. Then when you make a payment, it is simply a transfer from your checking account to the credit card account, there is no need to do any further categorizing. It doesn't matter if you don't pay the full balance, the remainder is left in the credit card account and becomes the starting balance for the next month.

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