Investment account types have been limited?

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I am trying to set up an Investment Account that is NOT one of a new limited number of account types: brokerage, 401(k) and a couple other retirement accounts. So I set up a brokerage account for a privately held investment. I have always had other investments, LPs and a Treasury direct acct as well. TWO PROBLEMS now. There is no ledger to enter transactions in the "brokerage" account. This suggests entries will not be allowed in the future. I am REALLY concerned. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS PROGRAM???


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    When you say there is no ledger for the new account, do you get a screen that looks like the Investing Dashboard, with no place to enter transactions?

    If so, the account has been set up in "Simple" mode. Click on the gear at the top right of the account's screen, click on Edit Account details, and in the Tracking method box, pick Complete.
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