Transfer to Savings Goal Doesn't Show Up in "from" account

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I just updated to Quicken R37.64, Build in Windows 10. I have several Savings Goals set up (have had them for years!) as "buckets" for certain upcoming expenditures. Each month, for example, I "transfer" an amount from my bank savings account to a bucket called "Est. Tax Holding". When I've done this in the past, my register shows the amount going out of my bank savings, and showing up in the bucket. I realize the funds are actually still in bank savings, but this helps me account for upcoming estimated tax.
This morning, I entered a manual transfer from the savings account into the bucket. The proper amount shows up in the bucket, but does NOT show as a debit from the bank savings account. This just happened multiple times. I've restarted Quicken, I've rebooted the computer. I don't know why the transactions doesn't show in bank savings as it has always done.
Any thoughts? Thank, and Happy New Year!


  • Doug
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    Another "strange" finding: I entered a TXFR from bank savings to a "savings goal" (bucket). The transaction showed up properly in the savings goal account, but did NOT show up in the bank savings account. I went to the bank savings register and did a "Find" search for the transaction. The search "found" both the debit transaction from the bank savings account and the "credit" transaction in the savings goal. I "clicked" on the found transaction for the bank savings account, and "magically" it showed up in the banks savings register. It's obviously a bug of some type in this most recent update, but a least I've found a "work around" to make my registers correct. Hope they fix this soon!
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    Could the register be sorted by anything other than date? If you found it by searching, either the register is missorted, or there is data corruption.

    OR, I just saw this...

    NEW 12/31/21 New Entries Not Registering with Version Release R37.64 — Quicken
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  • Doug
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    Thanks GeoffG. The register was sorted by date. Just a bug in the new release. I used the "mondo patch" to revert to R37.64 and all works just as it should! I'll refrain from updating again until I know that this glitch is corrected.
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