cost basis curve in investment value graph

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anyone know how to remove the "cost basis" curve from an "investment value graph"? it doesn't show up in the customization options


  • Jim_Harman
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    Is this the Portfolio Value vs cost basis graph on the Investing > Performance page?

    If not, what is the exact title of the graph and how did you get to it?

    For a graph without the cost basis, you might try the report at Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Account Balances. Customize to include just your investing accounts if that is what you want.
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  • bill21
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    it's accessed via home>main view>classic view>custom view>portfolio value graph by account. in the final step, there is also an option "portfolio value graph vs cost basis", but both of these options generate the same graph, with cost basis included. I think your suggestion as an alternative should work, however. thanks for the reply.
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