Capital One "no uncleared items to reconcile" error

Since a recent Quicken update, while I'm able to download transactions from my Capital One accounts into Quicken, I'm unable to reconcile my Capital One bank and credit card accounts using "Control+R". After pressing "Control+R" I get a pop-up message that reads "no uncleared items to reconcile". This is wrong and the error forces me to manually reconcile all my Capital One accounts. This issue does not affect my non-Capital One accounts. I've tried resetting my "Quicken Express Web Connect+" connection for Capital One accounts, but does not resolve this issue. Any suggestions?


  • Chris_QPW
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    I assume you are reconciling to the online balance.  If that online balance's date is in the past, you will get this error because the transactions you are trying to reconcile are after that date.

    If this is the problem the only things you can do is reconcile to "a statement" (which can just be a balance you see on their website), and report the problem to Quicken Support:
    Contact Quicken Support
    This is my website:
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