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Wayne Andre
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Investing>Portfolio XRay>Asset Allocation. Bond Percentage shows 0. However other views (e.g. Portfolio>Asset Allocation) shows correct numbers


  • Chris_QPW
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    From what I understand Quicken sends the security information it has to MorningStar and it decides on what it thinks each security is.  Including the fact that if it doesn't know about a given security it ignores it.  For a "bond" to show up in the other parts of Quicken you can just set it that way manually or by the "other third-party provider" sends and as such it isn't wholly dependent on what MorningStar thinks.

    As it turns out MorningStar doesn't track any of my securities, so I get a nice 0% on everything except a small amount of "cash".
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  • Wayne Andre
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    Thanks Chris. Before my query, I made sure all bonds were manually categorized as Muni Bonds. Most XRay % bond allocations were then correct except Investing>Portfolio XRay>Asset Allocation. I think this is a bug, but not going to pursue it further since MorningStar is involved. Thanks for your comment. Have a good one.