Budget balances don't match between Mobile and Quicken Windows

We use Quicken Mobile to check, at a glance, how much we have remaining in various personal expense budget categories when considering a purchase, but today I noticed that several of our budget categories don't have the same balance when compared between Quicken Mobile and Quicken Windows.

For example, our "Grocery" category shows $1029.16 left in Mobile while in Quicken Windows it shows $1522.65 left. Overall there are about a dozen of these personal expense categories with variations anywhere from less than a dollar to nearly $500, while the remaining 45 or so categories show the exact same balance between the two platforms. In most of the categories with this issue Quicken Windows is showing a higher balance than Mobile, but there are a couple categories where Mobile shows the higher balance. Because I have relied on Quicken's budget to keep track of everything, and since only the current budget month is visible in Mobile and you can't go back and look at prior months, I cannot tell if the correct budget category balances are the ones showing in Quicken Windows or the ones showing in Mobile.

If I try to "correct" the balance discrepancy by going into Quicken Windows and adding or subtracting the budgeted amount for the month or by editing the amount rolled over from the previous month, once everything syncs it then changes the balance by that same amount in Mobile. So I still end up with the same amount of discrepancy between the two platforms, just with new balances that vary by how much I tried to "correct" the one in Quicken Windows by.

I have tried logging out of and back into my Cloud Sync account on both Mobile and Quicken Windows, I have deleted the cache/data on the Mobile App on both of the phones that we use the app on, I have run the Cloud Sync on Quicken Windows several times, and I even went back and reverted to a backup file on Quicken Windows, but we still are experiencing these inaccuracies.


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    So I've still been trying to solve this issue for myself, but now for the past 24 hours or so I haven't been able to view my budget on Quicken Mobile at all. When I open the app it refreshes as usual, but it does not show anything in the budget screen (see screenshot).

    I've tried refreshing within the app numerous times, re-syncing the cloud data several times in Quicken Windows, doing several one step updates in Quicken Windows, resetting my cloud data in Quicken Windows, force-stopping and deleting the cache and data for the Quicken Mobile app, and then uninstalling and re-installing Quicken Mobile.

    None of the things I've tried have worked and I can no longer get my budget to show at all within Quicken Mobile, so I'm unable to attempt to continue troubleshooting my initial issue.
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