Multiple devices - It's 2022, Seriously

Perhaps I am alone in this ... but having used Quicken for many years, I am absolutely shocked how disgustingly awful it is that Quicken cannot support multiple devices. Hello, Banktivity.

I recently upgraded to the new M1 Max MacBook Pro and EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVERYTHING, ****EXCEPT*** Quicken transferred beautifully and flawlessly. Quicken - not so much. The "only one device at a time" philosophy they seem to be embracing, married to, and never willing to change has caused me to cancel my subscription. Banktivity works across all devices - mobile, desktop - you name it. It just synchronizes beautifully and without having to re-enter passwords FOR EVERY SINGLE BANK just because (God Forbid) I upgraded to a newer Mac. This is 2022, for crying out loud. I thought I would be sorry to say goodbye to Quicken, to Inuit, to this whole company. Not so much. This is ridiculous. Cloud services? Hello? Can we have cloud services that actually sync when you have multiple devices or happen to upgrade your machine?

ByeBye Quicken. This divorce should feel worse, but Banktivity has made things so much easier.


  • rg242
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    totally agree
  • Jon
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    Quicken stores passwords in the Mac's keychain - did your keychain not get migrated to the new Mac? It's been a couple years since my last Mac upgrade so I can't remember now whether I had to re-enter my passwords or not, but looking at my passwords in Keychain Access at least a couple of the Quicken passwords are older than this Mac & must have migrated over. The rest are all more recent than that, so I can't tell if they migrated or not, but none of them are dated around the time of the computer purchase.
  • jacobs
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    @ewmarcus If you used Migration Assistant to move to the new Mac, your passwords should have been transferred seamlessly. Quicken securely stores them in your Mac's keychain, and Migration Assistant will move 

    If you've decided to move to a different program, then you'll have to re-enter all your financial institution login credentials, so that's not a good reason for leaving Quicken. I'm not sure what you aim to accomplish by posting here; this site is for Quicken users to support each other, so you're not talking to Quicken management here. If you've decided to switch programs, that's fine; best wishes on moving on.
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