Can I set up a new budget that does NOT rollover any totals from 2021

I want to establish a new budget for 2022, but I do NOT want any totals to carry over from 2021. I have set up a new budget, new name, set new amounts for budget categories, but Quicken is still rolling over totals (plus and minus) from 2021. How do I delete these?


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock Member ✭✭✭✭
    I suspect you may be including reminders.  If you don't want to include reminders in the new budget, uncheck Budget Actions > View options > Include reminders
  • Lynete
    Lynete Member
    I am not a superuser, but had the same problem, but only with those categories I set up to roll over monthly (green arrows). To fix this, I had to edit each one individually by clicking on the January 'balance' (a window will pop up showing amount rolled over, amount budgeted, actual (I think, writing this from memory) and total balance amount). Changed the amount rolled over to '0.00' and it then changed the total amount balance to the correct amount.
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