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By default, Quicken saves passwords in the "login" keychain. Because I use that keychain so often, I have made the password fairly simple. I would like to save my Quicken passwords in a different keychain, one that has a much more complex password. I know how to create a new keychain. And I know how to copy passwords from the "login" keychain to this other, alternate keychain. What I do not know how to do is to get Quicken to look at the new keychain, instead of at the default "login". In short, is there a way to get Quicken for Mac to work with a keychain other than "login"?


  • jacobs
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    I don't know for certain, but I believe the answer is no.
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    I agree. I think the keychain it uses is hardcoded into the Quicken app. Maybe move other stuff to a less secure keychain and then make the login keychain use a more secure password? Or use a keystone utility (e.g. Keyboard Maestro) to generate the login keychain password with a keystroke, but store the login keychain's password in a secondary keychain accessed by the utility to keep it secure.
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    For years, I was keeping my Quicken passwords in a separate keychain. And it worked just fine for retrieving the passwords.

    What did not work well was storing passwords for new accounts added to Quicken. Those passwords ended in the login keychain. The solution was to then move those passwords to the separate Quicken keychain. Since I was not setting up new accounts very often, this was a minor limitation.

    Alternatively, one could designate the default keychain for new entries (for all apps) - I think I did that for a while. But apparently that option has been removed in recent releases of macOS.

    I dropped this separate keychain last year when I completely rebuilt the operating system (clean install). i determined I no longer had a need for the extra segregation of passwords: the kids are all out of the house, and I trust my wife (I am trying to encourage her to take a more active role in financial things as we gracefully age).

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