Missing the bottom line on investment accounts for the downloaded transactions ...

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#Update After making the changes I mentioned below the bar came back when I closed the application and opened it back up. So my issue has been resolved.

I just updated to the latest version of Quicken and on three investment accounts I lost the bottom line where the downloaded transactions, bill and income reminder and placeholders tabs were and no register was displaying.

I compared it to other investment accounts that still had that bar. I changed the accounts from simple to complete, turned automatic transaction acceptance to off and was able to reset 2 out of the 3 accounts. I now have the register displaying on all 3 but only 2 showed the downloaded transactions and the bottom bar still does not display on all three. I still have one account that needs the transactions downloaded.


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    For the Downloaded Transactions tab go into the Account Details -> Online Services tab and select the "Automatic entry is: ..." on link.
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    tried that & it doesn't work. Was told to do that, yes it download right into registry. I want to go through each one & check off compared to my account
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