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This is so frustrating. I have just updated my Quicken to 6.5.1 for the Mac and have the latest Monteray OS 12.0.1.
This keeps happening! I go into one of my accounts in this case my Visa account and when I download my latest transactions it goes into a new account "Credit Card"
So firstly how do I prevent this and secondly how do I join this new account to my current Visa Account.


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    It sounds like the new "Credit Card" account wasn't linked to your existing "Visa" account. There are a few different ways to tackle this. The easiest, which will take just a few seconds, may be to move all the transactions from the old "Visa" account to the new account, delete the old account, and rename the new account.
    • First, save a backup of your data file, just in case something gets messed up and you need to revert.
    • Open the old "Visa" account, click on one transaction, and press Command-A (or Edit > Select All) to highlight all the transactions in that account.
    • Click and drag on one of the highlighted transactions over to the new "Credit Card" account in the left sidebar and release.
    • All the transactions should now be in the new "Credit Card" account, and there should be none in the old "Visa" account.
    • Delete the old "Visa" account by Control-clicking on it in the sidebar and selecting Delete from the menu.
    • Rename the new "Credit Card" account by Control-clicking on it in the sidebar and selecting Rename from the menu.

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