How do I download more than 3 months

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How do i download more than 3 months. Just joined Quicken and want to put all of my spending and income for 2021 in the system. But, I only received 3 months from Chase bank. Can't see how to adjust? Is there a different way to receive?


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    The number of days of transactions you can download is controlled by the bank, not Quicken, but 90 days is pretty typical.

    However, you may be able to get all of 2021 if Chase provides an option for you to download a file in the proper format, which can then be imported into Quicken. When you log into the Chase site, look around to see if there is an option to download transaction history; if yes, then look to see if there is a Quicken or QFX format available. (QIF or CSV or other formats won't work.) Download the file, then in Quicken, do File > Import > Bank or Brokerage File (OFX, QFX). It may give you the option to link to an existing Quicken account, or it may import into a new account.

    If it imports into the existing account, then you will have duplicate transactions for the past 90 days which you'll need to delete. If it imports into a new account, select all the transactions from January 1 through October 3 (or whatever date precedes what you already downloaded), and drag one of the highlighted transactions into the existing account in the left sidebar. Then you can delete the account created by the import (which should now contain only the duplicate transactions from the past 90 days) by Control-clicking on it in the sidebar and selecting delete.
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