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I just now noticed that when sorting options are selected (for me: By Date / Date Entered), it seems logical to me that if you're looking at Sort Options for one account, that you probably would use that same selection for another or all the other accounts also.

I've posted before about that setting changing on me and not understanding why, Now I know why. It's because that setting can be adjusted for each account seperately. Is there really a need to set one differently than another? Does "anyone" change that setting by account, rather than register preference?

 When I do change it, I'd prefer to see that same setting for all my accounts be the same  without having to go through and change that setting for each. Does anyone have that set set differently for each of their aaccounts?

This would usually be the case if I was using it to reconcile by my FI Bank statement (Date/Order Entered). I would think, being able to toggle for all accounts, or for individual accounts could be a real benefit. Anyone else?


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    I set my main checking accounts to sort by Clr Status.  Other cash accounts (less used) are by date; but one is by date/Order entered.  CC accounts are by date.  (Some might prefer downloaded posting date there.) 

    The main checking account or a cc account I might from time to time sort by other factors (Payee, Amount, Category), if I am searching for something.  I wouldn't want that to spill over to other accounts even temporarily.

    I suppose you could have some "Apply to all registers" selection, but I don't see that as very worthwhile.  I pretty much get mine set as I want and then forget it.   

    I think there is more demand for a secondary sort ability - First be 'date', then by amount, or check number, or payee, for example.  
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    Thanks for answering as I appreciate your thoughts without being condescending about it. That is an art! It's like everything in Quicken, different strokes for different folks. I couldn't agree more about secondary sorting option though. Seems like there are numerous things that could make Quicken a little more user friendly however.

    Seems like when Intuit owned Quicken, a lot more of the "little" things where improved to appease the "little " person users!
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    TTSguy said:
    Seems like when Intuit owned Quicken, a lot more of the "little" things where improved to appease the "little " person users!
    That isn't what I saw at all.  I think you are looking through rose colored glasses.

    Intuit changed:
    1. 2012 change budget, it was so "well received" that they had to totally rewrite it again for in 2013, and minor tweaks 2014, ...
    2. 2013, Online Bills when released corrupted a large amount of customers data files (including mine).
    3. 2013 Sync to Mobile.  Server part wasn't finished in time to do beta testing before the yearly release, so they released it anyways.  Corrupted almost everybody's data files for months, and for matter is still corrupting data files to this day.
    4. Every year they purposely changed the data format to make sure that it wasn't backwards compatible so that you can't use an older version of Quicken with a newer data file.
    Intuit was never into "changing the little things".  Most of the "little annoyances" in Quicken have been in it for decades if not from the start.  Intuit was much more about the "big bang to sell the next year, even if it breaks things, and maybe or maybe not we will eventually get it 95% there".

    Quicken Inc has been much more open to the "little things".  The problem is that people complain LOUDLY about the little things, but hardly notice them when they are changed.  They almost never thank Quicken Inc for them.

    Quicken Inc changes:
    1. Backwards compatible data file to Quicken 2016.
    2. Ability to change font in investment accounts.
    3. Ability to hide certain fields in investment accounts.
    4. Simple investing mode (for people that were just tracking "shares/cash" in 401Ks this is ideal).
    5. Turning off messages from Quicken.
    6. Font sizing of reports. 
    7. Printing directly to Excel format.
    8. Ability to include Notes column in transaction reports.
    9. Changed the Adding of an account so that the "manual entry" isn't buried in the "Advanced options", but instead has a tab "Offline".
    10. Ability to turn on "Downloaded" columns.
    11. Ability to set the default sell option for FIFO, ...
    12. Release notes from the Help menu.
    13. Contact Support on Help menu.
    14. Edit multiple investment transactions.
    15. Archive investment transactions.
    16. Move investment transactions.
    17. One of my favorites, Alt+A in the reconcile dialog now properly selects Select all, and Alt+O selects Done.
    18. Tons more that are just at the top of my head and scanning the preferences and the release notes going back a few months.
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