Mac Updates Disconnecting Wells Fargo Accounts [Edited]

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For months now I have had the problem that every time I patch my Quicken for Mac software with an update it breaks my Wells Fargo account links. The non-Wells Fargo accounts work, but each and every time everyone of my seven WF account links are broken and require me manually, for each account, disconnecting them and switching the connection from Quicken Connect to Direct Connect, or back the other way.

So far that resolves the problem, but with an update just about each and every month I have to go though this nonsense each and every time. [Removed - Solicitation]

The only thing holding me to Quicken is I have been a loyal customer of Intuits for over two decades and have 20 years of financial records in its format. It is reaching a point though...

Please fix this and let us know it is a priority [Removed - Rant].

Thank you.


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    @Paul_B I can't actually help with the Wells Fargo issue, but wanted to note a few things things. First, this forum isn't Quicken Support; it's a community forum with mostly fellow Quicken users trying to help each other out, with help from a small team of Quicken moderators. 

    If this is the first you've reported this problem, then it's not likely a priority yet because it's possible the developers are unaware of the issue. While I realize this is hard for anyone to get a handle on because you can fix it each time, and can't show the problem again until the next update, have you talked to Quicken Support about it previously? Or have you reported the problem using the Help > Report a Problem screen in Quicken? If this is the first time you've shared this frustrating problem, hopefully one of the moderators will jump in here and offer some advice on how to proceed.

    Last, just FYI, Quicken hasn't been owned by Intuit for the past 6 years.
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