Execute manual transaction to sell mutual fund shares to remove shares

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Manual transaction to sell mutual funds shares adds on not removes


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    I would scroll to the beginning of the register and see if you have (light gray) Placeholder transaction that is offsetting the shares you are trying to remove. That is the likely cause when adding or removing shares does not have the desired outcome.
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    You posted a statement, not a question, in the title, and I really don't know what you were trying to write where you posted "Manual transaction to sell mutual funds shares adds on not removes", so I'm trying to guess at what you're wanting help with.

    Are you asking how to manually enter a sale of shares? Click on the investment account with the security you're seeking share of, create a New transaction, enter Type=Sell, the Security, the sale dollar amount and the number of shares:

    In this example, the sale will reduce the holding in Apple by 10 shares and add $1,800 to the cash value of the account.

    I'm guessing there's more to your question than that, but you'll have to spell it out more clearly.
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