check numbers not loading from First Tech

lord.bydl Member
Check numbers have been loading fine until recent updates. Now they are not loading into the Check# field. They do appear in the Payee/Security field.


  • jacobs
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    This seems to be a problem with a number of banks, including mine. In my case (Citizens Bank), the check number if correctly coded if I manually download transactions in an OFX file, but it's missing in what Quicken imports. I have gone through this with Quicken Support, who acknowledge the problem, and I have reported it as a bug, but nothing has ever been fixed. I just haven't taken the time to report it again.

    The best I can suggest it to contact Quicken Support by phone, let them go through reviewing your log files and seeing what is happening, and press to get them to create a case to escalate to their connectivity team.
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