Cash balance incorrect. Cannot correct it.

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Cash balance in Investment account is incorrect. Balance in the register is not the same as the Cash figure on Holdings screen. Both are wrong. But when I Reconcile the account and enter the correct balance on the Recon popup, it Reconciles correctly. An old securities purchase did not deduct the amount paid from the balance. In the Register entry the Cash Amount says "NA", which should only occur for BoughtX or a PlaceHolder entry. But this is neither of those. The transaction is straight "Bought". I tried to fix it by deleting the transaction and reentering it. But the re-entered transaction had the same problem: NA and no cash deducted. After that the error on the Holdings screen was doubled! Any ideas on how to fix it?


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    If you have not already, make the Placeholders visible. Any Placeholder for the affected security at a later date than the transaction you are trying to fix will cause the issue you describe.

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Investment Transactions and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked.  Placeholders will have a gray background even if they are not selected and will have “Entry” in the Action column.

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