Reconciliation History Issues. Linked to Download Issues

Frank O'Neil
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Using 6.5.1 and MacOS 12.1

I have a small amount of company stock that I track in a separate account (Computershare doesn't play nice with Quicken)--call it Certificate Account. The dividends are directly deposited into my checking account, but I want to show the dividends as coming from the Certificate Account for better tracking.

Thus when the dividend hits my checking account, I delete it and create an entry for that amount in the Certificate Account and then transfer it to checking. Extra work, I know but better for my tracking.

All reconciles perfectly. But for grins, I checked the reconciliation history of checking. It shows that I have a discrepancy equal to the amount of the transferred dividend and asks me to restore the downloaded transaction that I deleted (and replaced with an equal amount in the transfer--and which reconciled perfectly). Restoring it puts me out of balance.

Even stranger, there are two other discrepancies noted for the same month. the first of those two shows I am in balance, the other shows I am over by the amount of the dividend.

I've been doing it this way for years, but since the reconciliation history is new, I've just discovered the issue.

Please see the attached image for a flow chart that might better explain.

I found the same error in another account where I received a payment I knew was coming and had already entered it into the register when the online deposit hit. They didn't automatically match, so I deleted to direct deposit since I'd already allocated the splits and didn't want to go through the trouble of allocating the splits all over.

The issue seems to revolve around deleted downloaded deposits.

Quicken support acknowledged the issue (shown during a screen share) but said since I was ultimately balanced in all accounts, I should ignore the issue. I have Quicken data back to 1986 and I fear this may indicate some data corruption that would ultimately FUBAR my years of careful accounting.

Would love to hear any thoughts or comments.


  • jacobs
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    Instead of deleting the downloaded entry in your checking account, I think you have dragged it over the manual entry which is the transfer from the investment account. Quicken should merge the two, and that might not trigger the reconciliation warning. You might even try that now: restore the missing transaction it wants you to restore, then drag it over the manually-entered transfer transaction. Will it merge them? Will it consider the transaction reconciled? Does your discrepancy disappear? (Make a backup of your data file before you try this, just in case it somehow makes things worse!) 
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