Is Quicken reconciliation not working today?

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I tried to reconcile a bank account today in Quicken but It won't bring in all the entries during the time frame of the reconciliation. For example 2 deposits that cleared during the time frame but they will not upload into reconcile. I have checked the dates of the deposits in Quicken, changed the dates etc. but they will not load into the reconciling report. So the "Difference" is off, of course. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with this. I have Quicken Windows subscription and quicken R 37.66 which states that it is the latest version.


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    When a transaction is downloaded, the reconcile uses the Downloaded Posting Date, not the date that you type in to determine if it is on or before the ending date of the reconcile.  What's more if you reconcile to the online balance, it has a date which is used for the ending date.  And there have been reports of that date not being up to date for some Express Web Connect accounts.

    You can turn on the Downloaded Posting date column here:

    The Online Balance date can be seen by clicking on the Balances button in the reconcile window.
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