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How come Betterment investment accounts are supported in Simplifi but cannot be connected in Quicken. I have to manually update the account everyday to keep track of my investment portfolio. It would make sense if it was not supported in either but you already connect to Betterment in your other product


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    You should ask them. It is up to each institution as to whether they support Quicken or not. 
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    My point is that they already support Simplifi which is a Quicken product. Connectivity engine should be the same. They allow connections to all products as long as you follow their login protocol which Simplifi does but Quicken does not even list them as an available account to connect to
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    BUT, it is still up to Betterment to do it, NOT Quicken. 
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    Saw this FAQ on Simplifi......

    If you can't connect with the bank that you're looking for, or have any other issues, don't worry, Simplifi Support is just a click away! You can access us by choosing Help from the Menu icon in the Simplifi Mobile App, and our helpful Simplifi Coaches will work with you to solve any problems that you may encounter!
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