Is it just me, or has this ScanGear thing been broke for years?

James J
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In the registers, there's the little paperclip icon that you can click to upload an attachment.  I have a scanner connected to my homenetwork via wifi.  I use the scanner all the time, even without Quicken.  Works fine. 

Except . . .

When I click the paperclip it opens this little menu, from which I choose the "scanner" option:

Then I see this little menu.  It shows my scanner twice.  This has been happening for years, with a couple different brands of scanners, different Windows, different scanner models.  I always see the scanner twice.  I have to be careful to choose the line-item that starts with "WIA".  If I choose the one that's circled, it becomes a trap . . .!

The "trap", is that when I do mistakenly choose that first line, the one circled in the image above, Quicken opens the ScanGear program as seen below.  Then, I have no way to complete the scanning operation AND I have no way to close ScanGear.  While ScanGear is open, I can't do anything else with Quicken.  I cannot even close Quicken.  My only option, is to open the Task Manager and kill the Quicken process.

So how much of this is my lack of understanding and why does this happen?


  • Tom Young
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    I expect the source of the problem is that the Canon TR4500 product is an "all in one" bit of hardware with printing, scanning and fax all residing in one box.  I'm not sure exactly why this sort of presentation occurs - you'd think that the operating system/programming could distinguish between the printer and the scanner - but I see that kind of presentation in many programs besides Quicken.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Looks like Quicken only works with Windows Image Acquisition scanners. The Scangear one is probably a TWAIN scanner.

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