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I have issues downloading the transactions AGAIN. Why does this always seem to happen? It is a program touted as a way for people to keep track of their funds from savings, checking, to investments. One has to continuously check to make sure the info downloaded via quicken is true to the actual account. [Removed - Rant] I haven't been able to download the info from mid-December so have gone to the individual financial sites to check on the charges, deposits, etc. [Removed - Rant] it seems to happen at least 2-3 times a year.


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    @Lake_balboa_guy I feel your pain, but I'm wondering if you have a question you're hoping to get help with by posting in this community forum. This site isn't Quicken Support, which you can reach out to separately if you desire, nor are you talking to Quicken management here. This site is primarily fellow Quicken users trying to help each other, with some help from a small team of Quicken moderators.

    If you'd like help here, please provide the name of one or more or the institutions you're having trouble with. And provide a detailed explanation, or screenshot, of what happens when you attempt to download.

    Unfortunately, downloading problems are often caused by the financial institution, which requires Quicken users to encounter a problem, report the problem to Quicken, have Quicken investigate, and in many cases, create a support ticket with their connectivity supplier, Intuit. then Intuit has to determine if the problem is fixable by updating their scripts to log in and download from that financial institution, or if they need to reach out to the financial institution to work with them on a new download procedure. As you can imagine, none of this happens overnight, leaving users frustrated and waiting for resolution. It's not great, but it's the nature of the beast because financial institutions do not have complete standards to make interoperation with third party software like Quicken more seamless.
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