Quicken only downloads 6 months of transactions. How to import a year of CSV download data?

The bank allows up to 12 months of data to be downloaded but Quicken has only downloaded 6 +/-.


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    You were lucky to get 6 months.   Most banks only go back 90 days. The rest you will have to enter manually. You might get a greater range of transactions if you go to your financial institution's website and download a different range of dates in a Web Connect .QFX file. If you manually enter older transactions, be sure to adjust the opening balance to account for them as you enter them.

    See this FAQ on downloading older transactions,

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  • Thanks. Unfortunately, the FI will only download in a csv format which I don't see a way to import into Quicken . . . or is there a way to use the csv file?
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    See ImportQIF by QuicknPerlWiz: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
    He doesn't charge anything for you to use it and it works great.

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  • I'll give it a try. Thanks!
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