My reconcile for Capital One (savings Account) shows the cleared balance and difference as the same,

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The cleared balance and the statement ending balance should be the same and the difference should be zero. How do I fix this?


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    Not much of a word picture provided to try and understand the problem.  One obvious answer is that the Statement Ending Balance shown of the Reconcile page is $0, maybe in error.  Is that what you're seeing?
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    This is a savings account and if the cleared balance and the difference are the same it means u have no money in the account. In our case this is not true we have a healthy balance in the account.
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    I didn't ask if you have money in the account, I take that as a given.  But since you used the words "reconcile", "cleared balance", and "difference" I had to conclude you were looking at the "Reconcile" window for the Account.  On that page, if you have a dollar amount in the Cleared Balance and that same amount for the Difference, then given that the Difference is a calculation between the Cleared Balance and the Statement Ending Balance, that suggests that the Statement Ending Balance is showing as $0. 
    So my question was Is that number, on that page, listed as $0?  That would explain, mathematically, what you said you're seeing.
    Or, are you saying that all three numbers - Cleared Balance, Statement Ending Balance and Difference - are all the same number?  That would suggest something along the lines of data corruption or a programming error on Quicken's part.
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    Let's try to be clear.  There are 4 balance figures involved with reconciling to a paper statement (if that is what you are doing).

    A - "Prior balance" is initially filled in by Quicken considering all your 'R' reconciled transactions. It should match the prior statement ending balance and the beginning balance on the current statement.
    B - "Ending balance", User enters as the ending balance on the current statement.  This value flows to the reconcile window as "Statement Ending Balance".
    C - Cleared Balance -- Quicken computes as the 'R' reconciled transactions plus those transactions checked off (green checkmarks) on that reconcile window.

    Difference is C minus B.

    If Difference = C, B must be 0. 

    Or else we are missing something in what you are saying. 

    I have seen totals for the Payments and Credits get off, but I have never seen C minus B not equal Difference.
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