Reconcilation problem

I started to reconcile a credit card account that has been consistently reconciled and it shows a discrepancy from Sept. 2020. Balance is way off. Didn't happen last month...any ideas why this is happening?


  • The Keeper
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    What sort of discrepancy other than balance being "way off?"  Does a previously reconciled transaction no longer show as reconciled? It is difficult to answer without any detail
  • POatwot
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    Thank you for responding. Not sure how or why but I have been consistently reconciling a credit card account with a difference of zero when looking a the "reconciled balance" compared to the "Quicken balance" and now it shows a difference of over 12K. When I click on reconciliation history it shows that difference on the September 2020 reconciliation. Does not make any sense. I now cannot reconcile without entering an adjustment which I do not want to do. Any ideas?
  • dcorson
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    unable to reconcile act. icon is gray...ive done it before, but not working today
  • jacobs
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    @dcorson If the Reconcile icon is gray, it's almost certainly because you haven't clicked on one single account in the left sidebar. If you click on a group heading, such as Cash, Credit Cards, Banking or All Transactions, Reconcile will be grayed out because you haven't clicked on a specific account. Just click on the account in the left sidebar, and you should see the Reconcile button is no longer gray.

    In the left sidebar, if you see a group heading such as Cash, but no account names under the heading, you have inadvertently collapsed that section of your sidebar. However over the word "Cash", and click on the ">" icon which appears to the left of "Cash". That will expand the Cash group to show your account(s). Alternatively, you can click on the ••• icon at the top of the left sidebar and select the last option, Expand All Sidebar Groups.
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  • jacobs
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    When you go to Reconciliation History and re-open that September 2020 reconciliation, doesn't it tell you what Quicken thinks has changed? 
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