Quicken will not save changes to categories and accounts in Historical Budget Report

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I am running Quicken Deluxe R37.66 in Windows 11 Home. While working in budgets, I ran the Historical Budget Report and every account and every category is checked. I de-select 'all accounts' and 'all categories' and select only the categories and accounts I want, then click 'Save Report'. When I rerun it, it is back to the all accounts and all categories again. I have made a copy of the data file, as well as ran a validate on the database which came up clear. This is very frustrating. Does anyone know a solution? Any assistance would be a big help.


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    When you save a report, it is saved at Reports > My saved reports.

    Is this where you are going to find the saved report?
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    Just to be clear, are you rerunning the report from your saved reports or just picking the Historical Budget Report again?   You need to select your saved version of it.  
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    Yes. I am selecting the report. I saved the default 'Historical' to 'Historical2', opened 'Historical2', changed the categories and accounts, made changes, saved changes, closed the report, opened 'Historial2', and the 'all accounts' and 'all categories' radio buttons were selected again. It is if I made no changes. This is in both the original QDF file, and the copy. I have been able to repeat this problem with multiple copies of the report. Problem is also consistent across both copies of the database. Leads me to believe the problem was introduced in one of the recent updates.

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    Well, I am running the same version as you, only on Windows 10.  I did exactly what you did and it works fine for me.  All the changes I made are still there after saving, closing and reopening. Might be something with Quicken on Windows 11.
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