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  • John Adams4
    John Adams4 Member ✭✭
    In my discussions with Truist Wealth Management, I get the sense that they have no intention to migrate Quicken into the SunTrust website they adopted from SunTrust - disappointing to say the least and time consuming to manually copy transactions! This morning for the first time, Quicken is not able to connect with my checking accounts indicating that an error has occurred. I hope this is temporary and that Truist is not trying to eliminate Quicken. Does Quicken have a marketing department - are they talking to Truist??
  • jschaffe
    jschaffe Member ✭✭✭✭
    I was a BB&T customer using Quicken/Mac with Direct connect.  Outside of the occasional hiccup, it was pretty reliable.  Since the merger with SunTrust, the hiccups have increased in frequency, but I was still able to connect and down/upload transactions until this morning.  I also hope this is a temporary glitch.  BTW, I find it unconscionable that there's no search function on the logged-in Truist site, and no helpful information (that I could find, anyway) on either the public or signed-in site about Quicken!
  • widomj@
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    Agreed. Many more problems with Quicken connection since BB&T merged into Truist. Very disappointing.
  • kingfisher500
    kingfisher500 Member, Mac Beta Beta
    I managed to reconnect my Truist account, today. I restored a 1/8/22 data file that still had my Truist accounts set up as BB&T accounts. I then had my Direct Connect connection to my Truist accounts and was able to download transactions and use Bank Bill Pay. I did have to re-establish all my Quicken Connect Credit Card accounts, but that is likely related to resetting my Quicken database.

    I will try to keep things as they are until I lean that Truist has implemented Direct Connect with Quicken. Good luck to all former BB&T customers with similar issues.
  • RButts541
    RButts541 Member
    I have not been able to update from my Truist/SunTrust account for two months! Trying to contact Quicken is useless. Truist/SunTrust requires a special character in the password. So far, I can not find out what special characters are allowed by Quicken.

    I am coming up for renewal and really don't want to cancel as I am a reallly long-time user. But I will if this does not get resolved in the next week.
  • NotACPA
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    Disconnect from Truist.  They're the one's causing this problem.  Q is as much a victim as you are.

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