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On my saved reports (H&B w Rental), I get a warning that new accounts have been added to Quicken since the report was saved.

Issue -Shows the new accounts on pop Report>Account>   Shows possible new accounts to add to saved report.  Problem is it won't let me save the updated report unless I pick an account (which I don't want to because the new accounts should not be on this particular report).  

If I select all accounts then it adds all the accounts.  I have to reselect the accounts I want on the report (like starting from beginning on report designing).  

I just want to save and not have them show this new accounts added warning unless I add more accounts.

Hope this makes sense.

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    I think I know what you are dealing with, and it is a bug.

    Let's imagine that I bring up the customizing of the accounts like this and select Clear All and then OK.

    Not surprising I get the error message that you are describing.  This makes sense I need at least one account selected in the report.

    Now extend this, I select BOA Checking.

    If I selected OK right not it would accept it without error.
    Now I select Investing and then OK.

    Why does it think that there isn't any account selected?
    Because it is only looking at the Investing list of accounts, and I haven't selected any of those, but the BOA Checking account is still selected, so it isn't like there isn't any account selected in this report!

    Quicken should be scanning the All Accounts list not the list that I happen to be on to determine if I have selected an account or not.

    The workaround is to select All Accounts (or one of the lists that have accounts selected on them) before selecting OK.
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