i continue to have problems with schwab downloads, what is going on.

I have the subscription version and have R37.66 update version. I understand that issues with Charles Schwab updates have been resolved, but I continue to have problems downloading the latest transactions.


  • Tom Young
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    Maybe if you describe what those "problems" are and post the error messages - if any - you're seeing, somebody might be in a position to help you. 
    Generally Schwab downloads seem to be working OK in my Quicken file though I noted that in one Account, for a period of time, the red flag indicating downloads were received was being shown on the Account Bar but the downloads were not appearing in the "Downloaded Transactions" area, even though they were showing up in the Online Center.  Opening the Account and clicking the Update Transactions button fixed that.
  • I'm on quicken monthly using windows and version R37.66, Have 3 Schwab accounts. Each day I have to deactivate the online services. I do this thru the edit account function for each account. Then reactivate the online service. I will get all the transactions for the day. The next day and every day I go thru this because the transactions will not download. I have even tried the reset account. I tried closing the program between the two steps and still no data. What am i doing different that everyone else's download now seems to be working?
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    @stevenbarb78 - only suggestion: did you log out of your quicken account and log back in 'as a new user' (but with the same old username and password)? That seemed to help my downloads. [Oh, yeah, after logging out, close Quicken, start it again and log in. ...... I might even say start Quicken, log in, close quicken ..... and THEN try downloads. Not sure if this will help....
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