Can I download transaction from 3-4 years ago

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I would like to download transactions from my bank account from 2018 to 2020, is there a way this can be done. I kinda remember an excel type of file that the back can generate that can be loaded into quicken, my bank has no knowledge of such a file. I used mint in the past but I deleted the account and the records I'm trying to restore it now.

I am using a mac


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    To summarize:
    1. You almost certainly can't download history that old directly into Quicken. While some financial institutions differ, most allow 90 days of transactions for importing into Quicken.
    2. But many, but not all, financial institutions provide a way for you to download a file in QFX format from their website. This is often one year back in time, but again, it varies by financial institution.
    3. I think it is pretty unlikely that any financial institution will allow you to download transactions from four years ago. Check your bank's website, and perhaps we'll both be pleasantly surprised. 
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