Quicken Not syncing all investments to Cloud

Art L
Art L Member ✭✭
I'm had this issue for the past 3-4 months. I've posted to board before with no resolution to the problem and now that posting was closed so I'm opening another one. Problem is my various investments stopped syncing to cloud. Only cash values in accounts were syncing but none of the investments. After resetting my cloud account it started to sync some but not all accounts investments. Now after resetting the cloud it will sync one time but not all my accounts investments. Then when I try to do subsequent syncing I get a message 'No permission to access entity'. Resetting the cloud results in same issue. Only some accounts investments will sync then doing a 2nd or more sync attempts I get that message 'No permission to access entity'. I'm running the latest version of Quicken for Windows Quicken Premier R37.66 (


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