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My subscription to Quicken Deluxe will expire in a few weeks. I received a gift of a new Quicken Software package. I need to change the reg number the software that is currently installed on my PC to the new ID contained iin the new software package. How do I do this?


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    Quicken can be bought in one of two ways, either directly from Quicken Inc or from a retailer.
    If bought from Quicken Inc it will insist on connecting the purchase to a Quicken Id and activate it immediately.  I doubt this is the case, but if it was assigned to a different Quicken Id than you have, you would need to switch to that Quicken Id, or contact Quicken Support to see if they can switch it to your Quicken Id.

    When it is bought from a retailer the only thing you need is the activation code.  Find that and then start Quicken and select: Help -> Enter Activation Code...
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    Unless your Quicken gift is for a new user only and then it won't activate with your current Quicken ID. You need to create a new Quicken ID/Password.
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    Hi @jlts1

    You said "I need to change the reg number the software that is currently installed on my PC to the new ID contained in the new software package" - just wondering how you reached this conclusion.  In general, as noted above retail purchases, mostly from big box stores can be used to extend a current subscription.  Here's how:

    To renew an existing subscription:

    You can extend a subscription using the activation code included in a retail copy of Quicken, which is usually less expensive than using Quicken's own automatic renewal process.

    1. Your current subscription must be within the last 6 months of its life.  Make sure that you purchase the correct Quicken version you want to use going forward  (i.e. – you can upgrade or downgrade from your current version).

    2. Open the retail box and locate the activation code.  Next open up your Quicken datafile and go to:  “Help” > “Enter Activation Code... “.  You’ll see a pop-up window with a field to enter your “16 digit product activation code”. Next – click on the “Activate Membership” button and you’re done.

    3.The term of your Quicken subscription will be extend by the period noted on the activation code you purchased (the time is added to the end of your current subscription period).

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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