Investment lot discrepancies

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Share Lots shown in "Holdings" are incorrect for initial investments though transactions appear to be accurate in the register.


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    Please clarify.

    Is this a security that has had only Bought transactions, no Placeholders, and the lots do not correspond to the transactions?

    If there are Added transactions, make sure the price per share, acquisition dates, and total cost are correct.
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    Thanks - unfortunately, this is the second time in the recent past wherein Quicken has really let me down, after over 30 years (Nuts indeed). A couple of weeks ago, in response to another problem, Q support advised me to restore using an earlier file via backup and I did that. Everything else seems to be in order until I uncovered the following which is as follows:
    * New activity in December in an existing Fidelity Traditional IRA account.
    * Initial "buy transactions" for eight mutual funds of the nine new funds appear to be ok in the register when I seek to reconcile this account.
    * Yet, when I open "Holdings", the share balances for those eight are lower by a small number of shares than the correct balance reported by Fidelity and shown in the register. And of course, while the share price seems to be correct, the total cost is not.
    * I've validated this file in attempt to solve the problem. Didn't work. Today, I made a copy of the file and ran validate again for the investments. Didn't work.
    * I have noticed that the remaining original file appears to contain the correct share balances in "Holdings" for these mutual funds. I'm considering to find a way to copy the transactions over from one file to this one but am reluctant to do that on my own.

    So, I hope this explains and that you may be able to help solve this before I call Q help. Thanks.
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    * I've validated this file in attempt to solve the problem. Didn't work. Today, I made a copy of the file and ran validate again for the investments. Didn't work.
    Just checking -- Surely you took the "Rebuild Lots" option when validating.

    Once upon a time, you could actually copy a transaction in one file, open a different Quicken file, and paste in that same transaction.  Always one transaction at a time.  

    I'd suggest instead simply 
    Back up your data file
    Delete the 8 initial buys
    Type in the 8 initial buys - Date, Security, number of shares, total cost, commission only if you are so inclined.  Let Quicken calculate the price/share.  

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    Thanks, the mystery continues; yet seems to be solved in a way;. I had run "Rebuild Lots" before today but did it again this morning. When open "Holdings" as of today, I discovered that all of the balances except for two funds, are correct. In those two, one small sold transaction that was assigned to one fund, while it should have been sold from another one. So I changed it. Now, as of today, all share balances are in line with those reported by Fidelity. However, when I open the lot details within "Holdings", the "cost basis" remains understated for those eight funds. I may try re-entering the initial buys as you suggest later on - I'm tied of this at the moment. Let me know if you discover any additional ideas that I should investigate.
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