In 2021, I removed some stocks from an account instead of a transferring. Any way to fix?

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I removed some stocks from one account and added them to a different account. I should have done a transfer. The stocks show up fine in the account that I moved them into but really messed up the account the stocks were moved from. In this case- one account was with Fidelity and the other Vanguard. Both accounts have a relatively long history.


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    In what fashion did it mess up the 'removed from' accounts?  I more normally expect the 'moved to' accounts to be messed up because the cost basis info is missing. 
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    You should be able to delete the manual removes and adds and replace them with the Shares Transferred between accounts.

    If you have done any selling of these securities in the receiving account, you would have to correct those transactions to use the correct lots.

    Be sure to back up before trying this.

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  • Jim Thanks. The account where I placed the items, all came in fine- included all information on original purchase dates and costs.
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    OK, if you don't want to delete those, you can edit or replace the Removed transactions to correct any errors.
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