What happens if I skip a subscription year?

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What happens if I skip a year and don't resubscribe every single year? I know I can keep using the program that I have as it is. I need Quicken Deluxe to have access to some of the better features, but I don't need a lot of online stuff. I don't use online bill pay, so losing that means nothing to me.

I've heard that I lose the one step download capability for downloading transactions, but would I still be able to download QFX files from my financial institutions or would I lose that ability as well?

I've also heard that I would lose the ability to update the app past the version I'm using when my subscription expired. So, would I be able to download the mondo patches and upgrade manually, or would I lose that as well?



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    1. Two ads will take one on the top and one the size of your account bar, on the other side will be posted, and can't be removed without renewing the subscription.
    2. QFX files can't be imported,  QIF files can, but they have some restrictions in Quicken subscription.  Details about that can be found here: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/importprocessing.html Note that on same site you can find ImportQIF which can help in conversions to QIF, it is free.
    3. As it turns out Quicken Subscription has been known to update even if the subscription has lapsed.  This is a BAD!  Quicken Subscription will block access to your data file is the version of Quicken is from a later date than when your subscription lapsed.  You need to make sure that you set your User Account Control Settings so that they block Quicken trying to update your Quicken program (if prompted by Windows "change your machine" by the Quicken installer).

    You should also save a copy of the current install for Quicken and the Mondo Patch, just in case you want to reinstall.  Note if you reinstall do it with your network/Internet disconnected so that Quicken can't update it to the newest version during the install.  After that you apply to Mondo Patch.
    Get these from these pages:
    Welcome to Quicken | Quicken
    Update and Mondo Patch: Subscription Release of Quicken for Windows
    This is my website: http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/
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