6.5.1 changing transfer account during download

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Since the upgrade, when downloading transactions it's placing the wrong "transfer" account into the line. After correcting the data and updating again, it changes the "transfer" account back to the wrong one. Please help.


  • I restored my previous quicken version (6.4.2) and a backup and the issue no longer exists. Clearly a problem with the latest version.
  • jacobs
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    Downloaded transactions never know a Quicken account to use for a transfer; it's not part of the OFX protocol for transaction downloads, as there's no way for a bank or credit card company or brokerage to know the name of one of your accounts inside Quicken. Rather, it sounds like when you entered or edited a transfer transaction, a QuickFill Rule was created with the wrong transfer account. Only the QuickFill Rule is inserting a transfer account into a downloaded transaction. So I don't think it has anything to do with a bug in version 6.5.1, but a rule that got created or changed in your data.
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