Is there a problem with Wells Fargo Direct Connect

It has been 3 days now I keep getting error when trying to update Wells Fargo accounts information.
I tried reseting the connection and I keep getting the error Oops. We're having a problem. Quicken cannot communicate with Wells Fargo Bank.


  • hdiaz
    hdiaz Member
    And one more try today it started to work again.
  • jnewman25
    jnewman25 Member
    I'm also having a problem with Wells Fargo, both downloading transactions and trying to pay bills. I too have tried resetting my connection, all to no avail.
  • ARHoff
    ARHoff Member
    My problem has been going on since end of November: When Quicken downloads a check from WF, it no longer shows a check number and always shows the same payee, which is not the correct one. I guess this is not limited to Wells Fargo as I saw a message in the general discussions list that said resolved as of 1/14. I'll try again tomorrow (not holiday) and hope for the best.