How enable QW H&B to continue investments after the SQL chokes on DB file

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I have running QW and then QWH&B for years. My data file stretches back into 1995. I have been an active investor. Over the past few days, I noted that the program does not seem to accept new mutual funds, but the security was still there. Today, the program will not record details of any mutual fund. I tried splitting my data file on the end of 2018 and ran QWH&B on the file 2018-current but no joy. There is little said about this big problem among the QW helpers/help files. Anyone know what to do to allow my continued use with investments??


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    I am running Quicken Home & Business in a latest version Windows 10 under Parallels on my Mac Pro. It has 64 GB of RAM, multiple HDDS and SDDs.
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    By "splitting my data file" you mean that you used Year End Copy, by definition it doesn't change investment transactions.

    If you have been an "active investor" for all these years, how many securities do you have.  There is a posted limit of 2000 securities.
    Size or Capacity Limitations of a Quicken Data File
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    If you're an active trader and/or your current investment account has many transactions pertaining to sold securities you may want to consider this:

    Archive Investment Transactions

    For about a year now, a function has been available in Quicken, Archive Transactions. It will split your investment account register into two parts, leaving only those securities' transactions where you currently hold >0 shares in the active register. The rest is moved to a new Archive register within the current data file.

    Having less transactions in your active register might improve performance.

    Please read and carefully follow instructions here:
    Eventually, after a couple of years, you might consider splitting your data file in two, with all the archived investment transactions in the old file and none remaining in the active file.

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    How about a display to show the Quicken stats -
    ... Help --> ctrl+About Quicken

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