Using Quicken for Windows and want to use file for Turbo Tax Mac version

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Hello, I'm using Quicken Rental Property Manager for Windows. I want to use the file for import into Turbo Tax for a Mac. I converted the Quicken file to a TXF and saved to a thumb drive. On Turbo Tax when I import the file from the thumb drive, it tells the TXF has no data. Anyone know if.... 1. I'm doing something incorrect OR 2. Is it impossible to take a TXF file created on Windows and use it on a Mac with Turbo Tax? Note: I am looking to import rental information to Schedule E. Not sure if that makes a difference.


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    Not sure if the TTax sequence is the same on Mac vs Windows.
    For me - on Windows - I bring up TTax, and click on File menu --> Import --> From Accounting Software --> Quicken
    It then starts Quicken, it comes up - and the Import proceeds, without any other manual actions for Quicken.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    There are a couple of things that I can think of that might be the cause.

    The first is that there really isn't any data in the file.  To check this open up the file in a text editor like Notepad.

    The second thing that it might be is that TurboTax Mac is being picky about the line endings.
    Windows text files end with Return and then Line Feed characters.  Mac text files normally end with just the Line Feed character.
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    I believe my data file is empty. I discovered my categories are not set up correctly. When I ran a report in Quicken, it showed my rental income and expenses as "uncategorized", and no categories exist for my rental income and expenses. That's going to take some work for me to fix but this is a new year, I can start fresh in 2022. I believe if I had set it up properly it should import correctly, I will fool around with it in the next couple of months and post if it works or not. Thanks for everyone's help.
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