Why does Quicken limit Account password length? [Edited]

I used a very random approach to maintaining my passwords and now I just found out that I am limited to a 16 character password. Please tell me this is in the process of being fixed so it can support any length!


  • Viperious
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    This only seems to be an issue on some accounts. I have other accounts that work with a 32-bit password.
  • Chris_QPW
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    I have always questioned the value of Quicken trying to make sure passwords are valid.  To me it would be better to allow the password, and have it fail when connecting to the financial institution if it doesn't meet their requirements.

    But that isn't the way currently works.  Quicken gets information from the financial institution of what is allowed by that financial institution and uses that to block you adding a password that doesn't match that information.

    So, in this case it matters what financial institution you are talking about, and if the connection type is Direct Connect or Express Web Connect.
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    Viperious said: I used a very random approach to maintaining my passwords
    As mentioned above - each financial institution shares with Quicken what they deem as password attributes, which includes length and special chars allowed.  SO - not knowing this info anywhere, it is best to try and keep it simple for each of your real world accounts so you don't get tripped up by this unknown speed bump.

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  • Viperious
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    My problem stems from the fact that I can log on to a credit account with my 32-bit password, but I can't use that same password in Quicken. So I had to change it to a 16 char password. If they can make it work 100% of the time, why not just make it a blob and let the stupid human manage their password. In that case, it would never be a Quicken issue.