Current Spending vs. Average Spending by Category Report Error

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When you run a Current Spending vs. Average Spending by Category report, the total for the category is not correct. The total for the category it totaled by leaving out the last sub-category of the particle category. IE, if you have under main category Food & Dining, sub-category, coffee shops with a total of $25.00, then a separate sub-category under Food and Dining, Dining with a total of $75.00, the total for the main category(Food & Dining) will be $75.00(should be $100, $75+$25) leaving out the sub-category of coffee shops($25). The other comparison reports seem to be ok. Has anyone else seen this issue?


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    We see a similar issue.  In our case, ordinary sub-category totals appear to be correct however a total of the sub-category totals where the last item on the list is a sub-category total is being dropped from the total.

    For example:

      TOTAL Fed
      TOTAL State
    TOTAL Tax

    In this case, TOTAL Tax should be the sum of TOTAL Fed, Property, and TOTAL State however TOTAL Tax excludes the TOTAL State .

    If you haven't already, I suggest you report the issue to Quicken: select Help > Report a problem...
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