Quicken will not open the correct saved version of my data [Edited]

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Since 11/2019 and after recent updates, Quicken will not open the correct saved version of my data. When i force open a backup data file it will open the file but revert back to the 11/2019 file. I renewed my membership and I can't update my accounts because the program keeps telling me to renew my membership. I feel the quality of the software has continued to deteriorate since early 2019. So frustrating to lose data. Am I alone on this?


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    need to clarify the details....
    All Quicken data is saved in a QDF file.... that is your main Quicken information.
    There are also - optional - Quicken automatic and manual backup files.
    SO.... What version of Quicken do you have..... Starter, Deluxe, Premier,  and the release..... Help --> About Quicken
    Do you have a main Quicken QDF file ?  What happens if you try to open it ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    Extending @Ps56k2's questions ... what's the FULL Path to your Q data file, starting with the Drive letter all the way thru the file name.
    And, are you really saying that you haven't been able to open Q for 2.5 years???

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